Using Satellite Internet to Further Your Education

Woman using satellite internet in the countryside.

Using Satellite Internet to Further Your Education

Are you saddled with student loan debt after graduation and need some time to get your finances in order? Or maybe you finished your degree but developed a love of learning and are not sure how to continue. If you have satellite internet from Rural Country Internet you can use the internet to continue your education regardless of where you live. Check out these resources and methods to keep learning after college using satellite internet.

Education Resources to Use With Your Satellite Internet

  • Khan Academy – Khan’s Academy offers a free world-class education for anyone on the internet. Offered through multiple platforms you can learn history on your laptop or Spanish on your mobile phone. In addition, Khan provides assignments and statistics on what you’ve learned so you can track your progress. Not only has Khan’s Academy helped thousands complete their college courses but it is an excellent resource for the curious.
  • The Open University – TOU offers courses aggregated from some of the top universities in the world. Offered for free you can get a world-class education without paying a penny. While you won’t get course credit, that does not mean you can’t better yourself with the open university. Satellite internet is the perfect platform for taking advantage of their streaming resources. It’s like being in the class without leaving your rural home.
  • TED Talks – You can find a huge range of topics created by experts in that particular field. Their motto is “ideas worth spreading” and they have an excellent platform for spreading those ideas. If you want a peek at some of the best minds in their industry TED talks will be perfect for you. It is like watching an incredibly interesting lecture from your home.
  • Podcasts – One of my personal favorite ways to learn over my satellite internet is through podcasts. You can use a plethora of platforms and podcast aggregators, such as Itunes or Spotify. Podcasts are a great way to learn while still remaining busy. With satellite internet hooked up to your Wi-Fi, you can do some cleaning while learning economic models if that tickles your fancy.
  • Coursera – Coursera offers the “world’s best courses, online” free of charge. Coursera is an excellent resource especially if you are technologically inclined. Offering things like coding from the University of Michigan, or machine learning from Stanford, Coursera truly can be an excellent resource for learning potentially career-relevant skills.

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