Satellite Internet: Will My Smart TV Work Well?

Smart TV using satellite internet

How Does A Smart TV Work With Satellite Internet?

If you live in a rural context, you don’t need to be told how inconvenient getting high speed satellite internet can be. However, not being able to access the internet itself isn’t really the problem, is it? The problem is not being able to access your Netflix queue or connect to your company’s Skype meeting. Not having high-speed internet access supplies the rural resident with a lot of issues. Among the biggest is streaming, whether that be live TV or apps like Hulu and Netflix. And for people with Smart TV’s, streaming capabilities are just that much more important. The question then is: can you have a Smart TV if you have satellite internet? Rural Country Internet has the answer.

What Is The Problem With Smart TV’s?

Over the last several years, smart tv’s have become the new normal. In the past, people who streamed Netflix and Hulu, or even YouTube and Spotify, needed some sort of third-party device to do so. For many, it was a gaming system like a Playstation or XBox. Then came the Chromecast, which made it cheaper.

However, TV company caught on and started offering TV’s with the capability to download those apps to the TV itself, cutting out the middleman. It also offered apps like the ESPN, CNN, and TNT app which even allow people to stream live television as long as you had a TV provider.

This is a fantastic innovation, as it makes the TV watching experience that much more versatile and easy. However, it also meant that people would be asking more out of their internet service providers, which put rural residents squarely in the middle. How can I stream everything with a poor internet connection?

Is There A Solution?

Yes and no. As always, satellite internet is evolving and providers like HughesNet are giving customers higher speed satellite internet than ever before. However, there are data and speed limitations to satellite internet that would make owning a Smart TV and streaming nearly all of your digital content more difficult.

This really comes down to your own individual needs. For a young person mooching off of their parents DirecTV account without an actual DirecTV box, they will need more data to stream all of their TV needs. For a Smart TV owner who has a television provider and won’t need to stream all of their content, it can work. If anything, it will just cut out the need for a gaming system or Chromecast.

Rural Country Internet Can Provide For Your Satellite Internet Needs

Smart TV’s are a tremendous innovation for consumers, allowing them to access all of their content from one device. However, it can be tough on satellite internet users. Rural Country Internet can help you find the right data plan to serve your needs. Contact us today at (877) 615-0340 or visit our website for more information.