Rural Country Internet: Comparing Web Browsers

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Rural Country Internet: Comparing Different Web Browsers

When taking advantage of your new Rural Country Internet access one of the most controversial decisions on the internet will occur without many giving it a second thought. Which web browser should you use? While many people simply go with their default web browser, a little research to find the browser ideal for your habits can improve your internet experience big time. While you can easily find the stats, benchmarks, and speed tests, the real test will be using the browser that feels right.

If you are undecided on which browser to select, read on. Rural Country Internet offers a breakdown of some pros and cons for the major web browser to us with your satellite internet.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been the big dog on campus in the web browser world for the past few years. It has a robust feature set and huge category of add-ons for additional customization. Performance has always been the major selling point of Chrome, however, it generally uses the least amount of memory of the major browsers (though others have closed this gap substantially). The major convenience factor Chrome offers over the others is the ability to seamlessly transition from one platform to another. Go from browsing Rural Country Internet on your laptop to your mobile phone or tablet all by signing in to your Google account.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has recently rebuilt their browser from the ground up. They not only remade the UI to offer a clean, modern browser, but they also implemented some impressive engineering on the back end. The new Firefox Quantum is designed to leverage multi-core processors that other browsers have not implemented. While this makes a small difference in your browsing experience today, in the long run, we could see major performance jumps from Firefox. Even with the rebuild, Firefox offers many of the same benefits that have kept it as a major player in the web browser scene. A large catalog of extensions, easy UI customization, and a mobile app are some of the many features that keep Firefox extremely relevant to Rural Country Internet users.


Opera offers many similarities to Firefox. Both browsers were built on Google’s Chromium engine and thus offer a very similar user experience. However, Opera differentiates itself by providing many built-in features as opposed to the extension library of Firefox. For instance, Opera has a “Stash” for saving pages to read later. It also features built-in security features that block crypto-jacking, helping you avoid malware automatically. No need to find the right app and go through the install process. Performance is also very close to the other major browsers. All around a great browser choice and perfect for the kind of person who likes to be just a little different.

Microsoft Edge

After Internet Explorer ruined Microsoft’s web browser reputation, people were hesitant to try their new iteration, Microsoft Edge. However, those who have been unwilling to give Microsoft a second chance are missing out, as Edge is undoubtedly among the best web browsers available today. Edge offers fast speeds, UI customization, and extensions (though admittedly much less of a selection than Chrome or Firefox). For those willing to dip their toes back into the Microsoft browser experience, you may be surprised by how much you enjoy the new Edge.

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