What will the connection speeds be like for my internet?

Your Rural Country internet speeds are determined by a number of factors. Your computer’s configuration, the number of people currently using your internet, and the loading speeds of the websites you are using are just some of the factors that determine your upload and download speeds. Using a VPN will also significantly reduce your internet speeds.

We do not recommend using our internet services for activities that require fraction-of-a-second responses, such as twitch gameplay or real-time equities trading.


Can I connect my modem to a wireless router?

Yes! You can connect a wireless router to your internet modem to use high-speed Internet anywhere in your home. There are a number of wireless router options available. When selecting a router, try to avoid ones that have Adaptive Quality of Service (QoS) features, as they can slow down your connection. Contact your Rural Country representative for more information.


How does the Rural Country satellite internet connection work?

A satellite internet dish will be installed on the outside of your home to create a connection point between your home. Two coaxial cables will connect the satellite to the internet modem, which connects to your computer.


How quickly will I receive internet service?

Typically, your internet service will be up and running within two weeks of your order. After placing your order, one of our Rural Country certified internet installers will contact you within three days to schedule an installation date. If you need a longer amount of time until you are ready for Internet installation, just place your order when you are ready for our internet services.


Why can’t I play real-time streaming games with my internet?

Satellite internet requires a signal to be sent up to the satellite and back to your computer. Because the signal has to travel a long distance (around 45,000 miles), there is a delay that typically lasts about half a second. This delay will cause issues in streaming and won’t allow you to make the rapid-fire choices that are necessary for most streaming games.

Why does my satellite have to be professionally installed?

To be in accordance with mandates from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), any satellite system that both sends and receives signals must be professionally installed.


How does HughesNet Voice work?

HughesNet Voice provides home phone service through your satellite internet connection. You will receive a self-install kit and an Analog Telephone Adapter which will allow you to route your calls through the satellite modem and dish.


What happens if I cancel my service with Rural Country before my contract is over?

If you cancel your services before your 24-month commitment has ended, you will be charged a Service Termination Fee. The STF can cost up to $400. The exact amount will be $400 for the first three months after activation. The amount will decrease by $15 per month for each month of active service.


What is the return policy?

If you are leasing your equipment, the modem, power supply, and radio transmitter must be returned within 45 days of the cancellation date. Failure to return the equipment in the allotted time will result in a $300 Unreturned Equipment Fee. At the time of cancellation, you will receive instructions from Rural Country on how to uninstall and return the equipment. You are not required to return the antenna, mount, or any cables.


Can I run a small network on my internet service?

Yes. You can connect multiple laptop and desktop computers to your single Rural Country internet connection. You may need home networking equipment which is not included with your internet system. You will be responsible for the home network configuration and management.

Please note that using multiple computers on a single network connection will result in slower internet speeds.


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