50 GB Satellite Internet

Rural areas can have some charm. Nothing beats sitting outside on your porch with acres and acres of space all to yourself and no light pollution to block your view of the stars. People from the city might not understand the delight of listening to the night sounds of the woods and fields, but those of us who live in rural areas find the natural environment tranquil. Aside from the labor of farm work or the long commute into town, the lack of internet is probably the most frustrating part of living outside of the community. If cable companies tell you internet isn’t available where you live, don’t worry. You have another option. Welcome to Rural Country, your satellite internet provider. This is our fastest satellite internet available: 50 GB.

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The Value of a 50GB Plan

This is the fastest satellite internet available through HughesNet, and it can allow you to do just about anything you need. Unless you run a small online business from your home, you will find it difficult to use more than 50 GB of data. Our 50GB satellite internet will allow you to do the following:

Web Browsing: Every month, enjoy browsing up to 25,000 web pages
Music: Stream up to 720 hours of music each month.
Video: Enjoy 75 hours of standard-definition Netflix movies/shows (25 hours hi-def)
Social Media: For 50 hours each month, stay up-to-date on your favorite social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

This version of HughesNet satellite internet helps you get the online fix you need. You no longer need to worry about hitting the limit on your smartphone’s data plan. Our high speed internet allows you and your family to do so much more without huge expenses from your mobile company.

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Why Choose Rural Country for Your Hughesnet Internet Service?

Rural Country brings HughesNet to the areas that most internet providers won’t. We are an authorized HughesNet retailer. The service that we provide is the number #1 choice satellite internet in the United States. When you choose Rural Country, you choose a nationally backed and reliable product.

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If you are tired of using your phone as a hotspot, running up your mobile bill, or not being able to surf the internet, then you need satellite internet from Rural Country. We have a 50 GB package, a 30 GB package, a 20GB package, and a 10GB package. Choose the package right for your needs. Contact one of our representatives at (877) 615-0340.

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