High-Speed Satellite Internet: What Equipment Do You Need?

High-speed satellite internet router

What Equipment Do You Need For High-Speed Satellite Internet

Securing high-speed satellite internet can be a difficult process, especially for people living in rural areas. There are many factors, including choosing a provider and data plan. Another factor is getting ahold of the right equipment, which includes finding the right satellite dish, modem, and router. Regardless of the data plan or provider you choose, if you don’t have the right equipment, your internet service and connection is going to be sloppy at best. In today’s blog post, Rural Country Internet will look at the equipment you need for a good satellite internet connection as well as what to look for in your equipment.

What Are My Basic Equipment Needs?

The needs of a high-speed satellite internet connection are not all that different from those of a cable or fiber connection. You still have a router and a modem. The biggest difference is going to be the satellite. Providers will supply you with a satellite as a part of the package, giving you the option to lease the equipment or purchase it. HughesNet is the best option when it comes to the actual satellite dish, as they use industry-leading satellites that provide higher speeds and connection than ever before.

While the satellite dish is unique to satellite internet, the modem and router are no less important. The modem is essentially the middleman between the satellite connection from your dish and your computer. The modem helps bring high-speed satellite internet to your home by interpreting the satellite signal. Lastly, the router is what will allow for a wireless connection for multiple devices. This is optional but highly recommended.

What Equipment Should I Get?

We highly recommend a HughesNet satellite, as you will not find another satellite that provides the speeds and quality that HughesNet does. The modem and router are a little different. Modems are fairly straightforward. You will run a coaxial cable from your satellite dish to the modem, so the quality of the modem isn’t the most important thing. We wouldn’t recommend getting a dirt cheap modem, but you also don’t need a high-end one to have high-speed satellite internet access.

The router is a different story. While you still don’t need to break the bank for a router to get high-quality, high-speed satellite internet access, getting a cheaper router will affect speed. As for the necessity, a router is optional, but if you want wireless internet in your home with access to multiple devices, you will need a router.

Let Rural Country Internet Connect You With High-Speed Satellite Internet

The equipment you use is just as important as the data plan you have when it comes to high-speed satellite internet. Luckily, Rural Country Internet has you covered in both areas and we can even install your high-speed satellite internet connection. Contact us today at (877) 615-0340 or visit our website for more information.