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Is Online Gaming Possible with Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet Gaming

Can I Play Video Games Online Using Satellite Internet? Many people love playing video games, and plenty of people love playing them online. With high-powered systems like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, there are more options for people to play than ever. If you have satellite internet, you may be wondering how […]

Rural Internet Providers Explain: Filtering Email Spam

Rural internet providers explain modern email spam

Rural Internet Providers Explains Identifying and Filtering Email Spam In an ongoing series about the specifics and dangers involved in internet security, your rural internet providers are taking a look at junk email, or “spam”. Spam and junk mail might feel like a threat from a bygone time in the internet’s history, but they remain […]

Rural Internet Providers Explain: What Is Malware?

Rural internet providers explain malware

What is Malware? Your Rural Internet Providers Explain In a previous blog entry, Rural Country Internet went over some of the basics of the internet and satellite internet security. As your rural internet providers, we want to make sure you stay informed about security threats and issues, and how to protect yourself. In this entry, […]

Rural Country Internet: Leasing vs Buying Equipment

Rural Country Internet on renting or buying

Rural Country Internet on Leasing vs Buying Your Equipment Thinking about signing up for the best rural internet you can find? Rural Country Internet has a lot of options available, and not just in which connection package you get. We also offer the ability to either lease or buy your satellite internet equipment. But, what’s […]

Rural Country Internet: Why Staying Connected Matters

Rural Country Internet and staying connected

Rural Country Internet on Why the Internet is More Important Than Ever At Rural Country Internet, we’re dedicated to providing the best internet for rural areas that can be found. This is because we understand that having a connection in this day and age is essential. But what exactly makes having an internet connection so […]

Satellite Internet and Security

Challenges of Providing Internet for Rural Areas

How Satellite Internet Can Keep You Secure With so many everyday things relying on an internet connection, security has become a major issue. The news is full of stories of people’s privacy being invaded, accounts being hacked, computers and smartphones being infected and worse. Satellite internet is no less vulnerable to security issues if you’re […]

Tips for Managing Satellite Internet Data

Man on couch using satellite internet

How to Manage Your Satellite Internet Data Satellite internet is a great resource for those who live in rural areas and can’t count on the fluctuation and distance of DSL providers. One thing that differs between satellite and DSL providers is package types. Where most DSL providers offer a monthly rate for unlimited usage of […]