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Advice for Connecting Your Game Console to Satellite Internet

Man playing video game connected to satellite internet

Satellite Internet: Video Game Connection Tips Anyone and everyone who loves playing video games in their spare time has experienced a time when poor satellite internet connection has interrupted their game or has prevented them from even playing the game. If this is something you have experienced, you know how frustrating it can be. In […]

Satellite Internet Advice: Improving Router Performance

Blue satellite internet wireless router on wood table

5 Router Tips that will Help Improve Satellite Internet Speeds Whether you have cable, DSL, or satellite internet, nothing is more frustrating than connecting to your WiFi only to find that you have an incredibly slow internet speed. Fortunately, the root cause of many internet issues is traced back to problems with your router. Continue […]

Will Weather Conditions Affect Your Satellite Internet?

storm that may affect satellite internet performance

How Weather Affects Satellite Internet Many Rural Country Internet customers worry that weather conditions will affect the performance of their satellite internet. In fact, it is one of the more common questions we receive when we start services with a new customer, and it is a completely reasonable one. In order to understand how weather […]

Rural Country Internet: Signs You’re Shopping on a Scam Website

Woman should have followed online shopping tips from Rural Country Internet

Online Shopping Scam Website Help from Rural Country Internet The internet is a virtually endless resource for both information and products. Products from all over the world can be shipped right to your doorstep. At Rural Country Internet, we understand that the convenience of online shopping can be extremely enticing; however, not all online shopping […]

Rural Country Internet Explains VoIP and Its Benefits

Rural Country Internet VoIP services

Rural Country Internet Explains What VoIP Is and Its Benefits Rural Country Internet is an authorized HughesNet Satellite Internet retailer. This means that we’re your number one choice for rural satellite internet that gives you a reliable, high-speed connection in remote communities and areas at affordable prices. With high-quality rural internet comes a number of […]