Can You Stream Your Television and Movies with Satellite Internet?

Television and movie streaming with satellite internet

Satellite Internet: Can You Stream Your Favorite Movies and Shows?

The internet age has been ushered into mainstream culture via several mediums. It started with search engines, with Google making it out the other side and AskJeeves being left behind. Then came the social media age, launched in large part by a website some of you may remember: MySpace. Then Facebook came out and rendered MySpace irrelevant. We are still well-entrenched in the social media age, but of late, a new form of internet service has transformed online usage as we know it: Streaming. Headlined by services such as Netflix and Hulu, streaming services run the digital media platform. The only problem for satellite internet users is that those services require a lot of data. So is high-quality streaming with services like Netflix and Hulu possible with satellite internet? Rural Country Internet takes a look.

High-Stress Streaming

In a blog post earlier this month, we talked about streaming capabilities with satellite internet. However, it was predicated on each individual’s needs. Meaning, we established that streaming is indeed possible but that it depends on how much data you have and how much you will be streaming. The type of streaming that Netflix and Hulu require is what we would call high-stress streaming, meaning that it takes big chunks of data when you use it a lot, which is a lot of streamers.

Streaming has, in part, replaced television, especially in younger people, so we aren’t just talking about watching one movie a week. We are talking about someone who wants to binge watch their favorite show or watch all of the Indiana Jones movies in one night. This type of streamer can consume up to high-quality streaming of Netflix requires approximately 3GB of data per hour. So binge-watching the premiere 13-episode season of Luke Cage would cost you about 39 GB of satellite internet. The bare-bones Hughesnet satellite internet plan only provides 10GB.

So Is High Stress Streaming Possible With Satellite Internet?

While it is more difficult, it isn’t impossible. You can always binge watch your shows in standard definition, which requires roughly 300-700 MB per hour. You can also watch what you spend your data on. Social media can consume a lot of data because we almost subconsciously roam around our feeds for hours on end. We can also make sure to not stream where it isn’t necessary. So, for instance, where do you get your music? If you use a service like iTunes instead of a streaming service like Spotify, you won’t be using data on it.

And the last option is to get a bigger data plan. You can watch about three times the hours of Netflix or Hulu if you choose SD over HD, which means that you could watch 15 hours a month with a 10GB plan, and that’s not including how you decide to ration your other data usages. That’s not too shabby. But for some of you streaming fanatics, you need the HD. Rural Country Internet offers a wide variety of satellite internet plans to fit your needs and the great thing is that they aren’t going to break the bank.

Let Rural Country Internet Help

For rural residents, satellite internet is without a doubt the best option. And even though there are some restrictions, high volume streaming is absolutely possible with the right plan. Let us hook you up. Contact us today at (877) 615-0340 or visit our website for more information.