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Tips for Managing Satellite Internet Data

Man on couch using satellite internet

How to Manage Your Satellite Internet Data Satellite internet is a great resource for those who live in rural areas and can’t count on the fluctuation and distance of DSL providers. One thing that differs between satellite and DSL providers is package types. Where most DSL providers offer a monthly rate for unlimited usage of […]

Troubleshooting a Slow Satellite Internet Connection

Three people waiting for satellite internet to load

How to Fix my Slow Satellite Internet Satellite internet is known for its reliability, and at Rural Country Internet, we pride ourselves on having high-speed internet you can trust. Satellite internet draws its connection from a satellite in orbit thousands of miles away. This means that it doesn’t get disrupted when your phone cables go […]

Rural Internet: How to Improve Video Streaming Speeds

Person about to stream a video using rural internet

Rural Internet: How to Improve Video Streaming Speeds Unlike DSL, fiber-op, and other high-speed options available in urban areas, rural internet users tend to stick to satellite internet, which is reliable and still very fast by most standards. Of course, there are many reasons your internet can slow down and unfortunately, when this happens it […]

Internet for Rural Areas and Router Placement

Black and blue router for internet for rural areas

Internet for Rural Areas and Router Placement The signal your router sends out travels in all directions around your home. Theoretically, it should reach anywhere in your house you plan to take your laptop or tablet. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. No matter what type of internet service you choose, when using internet for […]