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Myths About Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet Myths

Common Misconceptions About Satellite Internet When satellite internet first came into existence years ago, it had some growing pains, just like any other technology. These initial issues seem to have stuck in the public consciousness, leading to many common misconceptions about satellite internet. The fact is, satellite internet has changed quite a bit over the […]

Technology Tips from Your Rural Country Internet: Data Units

Rural Country Internet Units

Rural Country Internet Provider Explains Data Units Rural Country Internet satellite plans are measured in units called gigabytes. Bytes are the units that are used to measure the capacity of storage in a computer, drive, or communication channel. Data storage units have made huge strides over the past few decades, and the things we can […]

Reduce Rural Internet Data Usage With the Right Music App & Settings

Man Streaming Music Through His Rural Internet Provider

Smart Rural Internet Usage: Choosing the Right Music App Music makes everything easier. From working out to slogging through a long day of work, nothing motivates you like your favorite songs. These days, you can choose from a handful of streaming services. You can listen on the go from your phone, at your home computer, […]